Music for the rest of us.

I started this because of a massive music collection accumulated from my DJ days and a need to listen to all my music in a slick way locally or on the go. You can say that I basically invented a version of “Spotify” for my own personal use.


With some great software, I was able to organize and schedule my library along with streaming it with a URL. People started tuning in so I kept it going. I hope you enjoy my station which ranges in genres far and wide.

Streaming Options

Below you'll find three options I currently have to stream the station.  Starting from the left, a direct download file which can be imported and played in iTunes or other media players, next is a streamling link that will play in your browser and finally a the TuneIn Radio link which will play from the TuneIn Radio server.




 A (somewhat) Weekly Schedule

This is a loose schedule of what you'll be hearing throughout any given week but it changes on the fly sometimes. If I'm here at the studio, I will sometimes hand pick upcoming tracks depending on my mood and you may also find that you'll hear the same artist more than others, like Depeche Mode or Prince for example.  This is because these are some of my favourites and I have not set any "rules" for their place in the rotation.

Work Week

The Morning Show  |  7am - 10am

Hand picked pumped up music to start your day with a bang.


The Workday Show  |  10am - 1pm

A mixture of great music from many different genres all day.


Alternative & Electronica  |  1pm - 7pm

Electric alternative and some electric beats and a spoonful of weirdness.


The 4 O'clock Comedy Hour  |  4pm

Showcasing hour-long comedy specials from the best comedians around.


Easy Does It  |  7pm - Midnight

A soft mix of easy listening and classic jazz.


The Ambient Morning Show  |  7am - 12pm

A pleasant mix of ambient music to ponder.


Psychedelic & Eighties  | 12pm - 6pm

A mix of psychedelic and the “good” eighties music - not the cheese.


Friday & Saturdaze

Jooks |  6pm - Midnight

Sexy music for sexy people.


The Overnight Show

7 Days a Week  |  Midnight - 7am

A collection of ambient soundtracks with a touch of classical.

Music Submission

 Do you create music or DJ sets?
Drop us a link and we’ll review your track and if it fits – we’ll add it to our rotation.

Reach Out & Touch Someone

Let us know what you think, what you want to hear and anything else!